About Me

I am a Computer Science student graduating in December 2019 with a love of video game design and development. I have tinkered with game dev tools for years (Source Engine, Blizzard map editors, Game Maker etc.) but recently I have worked on some more substantial projects. (Note all images included here represent WIP.)

Avast Ye

Avast Ye is the 2018-2019 BYU Animation student game (a pirate ant adventure with crew combat and special abilities). We work as a multidisciplinary team (15-20 people). I have worked primarily with gameplay and camera programming in Unreal. I also helped with the cinematics, level design, level construction and any game design discussions I could.

Camera Programming

I have been responsible for improving the 3rd person camera. This has included research and development to make the camera react dynamically to the players inputs and the players surroundings. Working with 3D vector math I built systems to automate focusing the camera on certain targets, adjust FOV, camera lag, camera modes and having the camera follow the players directional movement.

Environmental Game Elements

I also worked on building the interact-able objects used in the game levels. These objects vary in complexity but generally encompassed crew interactions like knocking something over or starting a sequence of events. I also built reusable triggers and logic for the level designers to simplify their work.


For the in-game short cinematics, I took storyboards and direction from the game director and implemented level sequences to introduce key level elements.

Dwarf Derby

As a solo project, I built a prototype for a physics racer in Unreal. This involved modeling in Maya, rigging, and physics in Unreal. I also built some materials and effects.

Other Game Related Projects